Here's Every Fragrance The Bachelorette's "Colognoisseur" Brought To The Mansion

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
While watching the latest season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, we rarely learn much about the contestants on the actual show. In fact, it's more often that we discover all their deepest, darkest secrets off-air and online, like this season's Garrett and his suspicious Instagram activity or Colton's connection to three-time gold medal Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. But we don't care about that — at least, not right now. Instead, we're focusing on Jean Blanc, 31, Colognoisseur.
Turns out, the best way to stand out isn't, in fact, a chicken suit — it's a cologne collection. If you haven't taken a look already, may we suggest you poke around ABC's contestant page and notice that Blanc is a self-proclaimed Colognoisseur. No, this isn't his actual job (he works in finance), but with an extensive, 50-plus cologne collection, it's definitely a hobby someone you're dating would want to know about.
We know what you're thinking next: What scents were worthy of his carry-on? Luckily, a new video from Glamour uncovered that Blanc packed four special colognes for his journey. And let's just say this: The total cost of his packed necessities is more than your rent.
Ahead, every cologne Blanc packed for his appearance on The Bachelorette.

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