Bridal Wars Over Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Have Begun

Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images.
We’ve heard of something borrowed, but what about something stolen? While the world lives out their Disney Princess dreams through the Royal Wedding, at least one person is salty about the affair. British fashion designer Emilia Wickstead is claiming Cinderella Meghan Markle’s Givenchy haute couture wedding dress is a copy of her own design, according to the Daily Mail.
Wickstead’s name was thrown around for potential gown designers, sprinkling more than the doctor recommended dose of salt on her claims. But we have to admit there are some similarities. Elle reported pictures of a dress on the designer’s Instagram that from afar could pass as identical. Then again, if you look from space even I could pass as Meghan Markle, but you don’t see me badgering Harry. Decide for yourself, but considering Hubert de Givenchy was designing boat-neck wedding gowns before Wickstead was born, fraud claims seem unlikely.
Markle’s gown was custom-made by the Givenchy team months before the nuptials, using only six seams for the haute couture creation, Us magazine reports. The custom fabric was “pure white” at request of the soon-to-be-Duchess, and the ensemble was topped off by a 16-foot-long silk tulle veil embroidered with flowers representing the 53 countries comprising the Commonwealth.
Wickstead, whose designs are frequently worn by fellow royal bride Kate Middleton, had more criticism for Markle’s look, claiming the dress was “quite loose,” and the bride’s signature messy bun was inappropriate: “Hold the wisps [of her hair] back — it’s a Royal Wedding for God’s sake.”
Why Wickstead would risk her relationship with the newlywed is unclear, especially considering Markle was recently sighted sporting a design of hers for the Anzec Day Westminster services, according to Elle.
Save those salty, salty tears for a margarita rim, Wickstead. One day your prince(ss wedding gown) will come.

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