New Music This Week: Zayn Gets Emo, J.Lo Gets Dinero & More

Zayn "Entertainer"
Zayn is back at it with those Gigi Hadid lookalike vibes and a Bonnie and Clyde story that doesn't quite have an ending in the "Entertainer" video. The music feels a bit listless, like this is going to be a transitional period in his career. I'm fine with slowing it down, but you gotta keep some fire in it. Sad Zayn has his own appeal though, the wistfulness has serious Robert Smith/mid-period The Cure vibes.
Jennifer Lopez feat. DJ Khaled and Cardi B "Dinero"
Here's why this J.Lo track is an anthem you should embrace: women are systematically underpaid and shamed for wanting money. Jennifer Lopez and I say: fuck that. Get your dinero. There is nothing wrong with women saying they want money. It doesn't make you thirsty or a gold digger (especially if you want your own money for your own work). If Lopez is going to help take the stigma off of women talking about money, or about wanting money, then I am lining up right behind her. Pay me.
Liza Anne "Kid Gloves"
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty over the strawman argument I keep seeing on social media about how women don't want real equality and only want like, pay equality or whatever. It's obnoxious. Liza Anne takes that whole idea to task with "Kid Gloves." Being a woman isn't about being fragile. Equality doesn't mean you can drop all pretense of manners or void the social contract to not be an asshole to your fellow man, but I think everyone who wants to pretend it does should probably look at how they treat everyone regardless of gender. They are probably lacking.
Lauren Balthrop "One of a Kind"
This jam from Lauren Balthrop is the kind of thing I can imagine myself listening to in a dance hall that serves plates of barbecue with sweet tea and where people probably still smoke inside. It's good; it's mellow; it's got genuinely amazing instrumentation. If you don't have plans for Memorial Day, take a trip into Americana with this song.
Cosha "Do You Wanna Dance"
It feels like a miss that this track by Cosha wasn't on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. It totally has the right vibe, with a hint of island feels in the steel drum samples and a pulsing rhythm that makes it just a bit edgy. Her deadpan delivery gives way to soaring vocals on the chorus in a way that's very appealing. The delivery reminds me of something Pharrell would do: the slow, sexy, stuttered thing. It's a great summer jam.
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