8 Health Tips From Meghan Markle's Now Defunct Blog

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Legend has it, ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged, she's made it her mission to try to make Harry healthier. Harry has reportedly cut junk food from his diet, started drinking green juice, taken up yoga, and has pretty much quit smoking. Markle is supposedly very into health and wellness, and if her old blog is any indication, she knows what she's talking about.
Before Markle was royal-adjacent, she was an actress-turned-blogger trying to hustle lifestyle tips on her blog, The Tig. Markle mainly wrote about travel, food, and philanthropy, but like any good lifestyle blogger, she also dabbled in wellness. While The Tig and her social media accounts disappeared from the ether in 2018, thanks to the internet archive Wayback Machine, loyal fans can still revisit some of her content from the past three years.
Lucky for you, we took a dig through The Tig to find some of Markle's best health, fitness, wellness, and mental health tips and takeaways. Some of the advice reads like an eerie premonition (see, the thing she says about love), and some of the facts are actually quite refreshing. Ahead of the Royal Wedding this weekend, learn a little more about the IRL princess among us.
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Kale has seemingly taken over.

Kale is boring.

There's more to eating a healthy diet than just shoveling kale in your mouth, and Markle got real about the cruciferous green in 2015. "Yeah, sure, kale, we know. From salads to popsicles to Beyonce’s T-shirt, kale has seemingly taken over," she wrote. "And I’m bored with it." (That is, until her friend allegedly peer-pressured her to try a kale salad recipe that changed her life.)
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I had always been of the school of thought that if you want a 'bikini body,' you should simply put a bikini on your body.

There's no such thing as a bikini body.

When Markle first heard of Kayla Itsines, the Australian Instagram trainer known for her "bikini body guides," she thought it was "another workout fad showcasing before and after photos of women who transformed their bodies with a regimented program of cardio, meal plans, and resistance training," she wrote. "I had always been of the school of thought that if you want a 'bikini body,' you should simply put a bikini on your body," she wrote. Preach, Meg!

After doing more research, Markle said she appreciated Itsines' philosophy. "But it’s not that simple, and given the insecurities that sometimes plague each of us, having a fitness coach who is equal parts inspiring and forgiving (hey, we’re all human – we’re not striving for perfect here) – well, that’s someone I can get behind," she wrote.
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nothing like a chia seed bowl.

Chia seed pudding makes for a great snack.

As we've written before, chia seeds are not the superfood that everyone thinks they are, meaning, there hasn't been enough research to confirm some of the so-called health benefits. But eating chia seeds is an easy way to consume protein and fiber. Last year, Markle shared her favorite Vanilla Almond Chia Seed Bowl recipe, and wrote: "There’s just nothing like a chia seed bowl to get you feelin’ happy, healthy, and whole before you skip out the door." That's true. Chia seed pudding can be delicious.
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the pressure I felt as maid of honor was immense.

Friendships can be stressful.

When you and your friend are at different life stages, it's very normal to feel stressed or resentful. Markle wrote that when her best friend got married, she felt "immense pressure" to be the maid of honor. "Exciting, of course, but immense – especially when it came to a bachelorette party," she wrote. Eventually, she was able to find ways to honor her friend without letting the pressure get to her (and without having to "wear headbands of the phallic persuasion" at the bachelorette party).
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Call it a yoga crush at the highest level of om, if you will.

Yoga is glorious.

Markle published a freakin love letter to yoga back in 2016. "I think it’s safe to say that we all fall in love a little bit everyday. Be it with your partner, your crush, even a person in passing that energetically makes your heart go pitter pat," she wrote. "Whatever the case may be, when you meet someone that makes you beam, you must take note." Grabs notebook. In this case, she was talking about her yoga instructor, Duncan Paviainen. "Call it a yoga crush at the highest level of )m, if you will," she wrote. If you're curious to see what all the hype is about, she also shared his six-move routine.
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I know what it’s like to want to follow your dreams and hear a lot of 'no’s' along the way.

Misty Copeland is an inspiration.

Like many of us, Markle is a fan of Misty Copeland, the first Black principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre, and she interviewed her for The Tig back in 2014. "As a biracial woman, I know what it’s like to want to follow your dreams and hear a lot of 'no’s' along the way — not as a reflection of your talent, but because you’re just not quite how they envisioned the role," Markle wrote. "And you may remember my story of being a little girl and wanting a doll that looked like me: Well, Misty is that real life doll — the role model, the pretty princess, the ballerina that the 10 year old me so desperately needed to see."
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If I can’t run a marathon, that’s okay.

You don't have to run a marathon to be a runner.

In a New Year's post from 2o16, Markle wrote that she had lots of healthy resolutions that she knew would probably not come to fruition, like run a marathon. "If I can’t run a marathon, that’s okay (I’m getting older – my knees are bothering me.)" she wrote. This is so relatable. Even if you don't run races, or you just run races for an Instagram post, it's still a win!
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vital time that sets the tone for our day ahead.

Morning routines are important.

Markle is big on mornings and once published a morning playlist for her readers to develop a "daily practice" and prepare for the day. "The morning, as we all know, is that vital time that sets the tone for our day ahead," she wrote. Even if you're not a morning person, part of having good "sleep hygiene" involves setting bed and wake times and sticking to them. So, she kind of has a point there.

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