Will There Be A Second Season Of Netflix's The Rain?

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While some networks might be good at getting viewers to binge watch their shows, Netflix is great at it. The streaming service stands as the master of the keep-watching arts, with their “Next episode in…” countdown and habit of ending every episode with a jaw-dropping twist or some looming, Earth-shattering question. So, it makes sense that every time a viewer finishes a season of a Netflix original series, their next question is, “Okay, when do we get another one?”
That question will surely be on the lips and Twitter fingers of every fan of The Rain, Netflix’s Scandinavian sci-fi mystery-meets-teen melodrama about the precipitation-caused apocalypse. With just eight episodes to breeze through, and most of them hovering around or below the 40-minute mark, it is wildly easy to finish the dystopian drama without even realizing it, which makes its already shocking ending all the more unnerving. Therefore, you walk away from The Rain even more desperate for a sophomore year. Unfortunately it is currently unclear if Netflix will bless the world with The Rain season 2. But, there are some major reasons to be hopeful.
Although Netflix hasn’t announced whether it will continue the tale of the Danish siblings Anderson (Alba August and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen), the streaming giant has already proven it’s seriously dedicated to young adult programming. Just look at the new teen fare of 2018, like L.A. dramedy On My Block and cancer-focused BFF comedy Alexa & Katie. Both series received season 2 renewals around a month after their premieres. The only new American young adult show of the year not to receive a second season from Netflix was '90s-set nostalgia-fest Everything Sucks. Yet, Everything had a less-than-ideal reception from critics. On My Block and Alexa do not have that problem — and neither does The Rain.
As the international original series falls in line with Netflix’s teen trend, it also has another one of the service’s recent interests going for it: Netflix loves its international series right now. Both Dark and 3%, mind-bending foreign-language series that also happen to be about young people, were given second seasons. 3%’s second season premiered in late April. Dark’s sophomore year is expected to arrive in early 2019. Past these YA-flavored treats, Netflix just gave us weirdo-delight Aggretsuko, is producing the second season of Spanish-language political thriller Ingobernable, and is allowing the writers of the beloved Babylon Berlin time to pen the period piece's next season.
While we can all appreciate the Glows and Crowns of the world, it’s clear The Rain’s home is working hard to cultivate its international properties nearly just as much as its domestic ones.
If The Rain is the next foreign language series to survive past its first season on Netflix, there are certainly quite a few threads the drama's writers can follow for another batch of episodes. In the season 1 finale, “Trust Your Instincts,” the series’ heroes are left in their most dangerous position yet after going to the only place they believed could save them. At the top of the episode, things seem more hopeful than they have over eight episodes, as Simone (August) and “chosen one” Rasmus Anderson (Tønnesen) finally reunite with their father, Frederik (Lars Simonsen), at the headquarters of Apollon, the company supposedly working on saving the human race from the end of the world. But, by the end of “Trust,” it is confirmed the conglomerate actually started the rainpocalypse, which carries a deadly virus via precipitation, and plans to use the disease for world domination.
Rasmus, who was the first person ever introduced to the virus at least six years prior to the events of Rain, is the key to Apollon’s plans. The only problem is, Rasmus shoots himself up with the disease again by the end of season 1, which leads to him becoming both extremely ill and extremely contagious. When the credits roll, Rasmus looks sicker than ever, villainous Sten (Johannes Kuhnke), the head of Apollon, is scheming in an underwater cave, and the Anderson siblings' dad is detained over his children's escape from the Apollon facilities (oh, yeah, there’s also a massive fiery escape from the Apollon Facilities). Plus, Simone and Rasmus’ friends all have deadly nanocapsules trapped in their bodies, which will murder them if they escape Apollon’s quarantine zone.
Season 2 could easily follow any of these storylines, or create new ones. Who doesn’t want to find out what happens when a bunch of sexy teens will either die by remaining in an evil corporation’s territory or die by leaving that territory thanks to the murderous tiny particles in their body? Or, learn how Ramus will avoid killing everyone he loves since even his sweat seems dangerous at this point.
And if all else fails, The Rain season 2 could simply be about the construction of Sten’s super-villain hideout. Because, damn, that place is amazing.
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