The Backstories For Each Character Fighting The Apocalypse In The Rain

Photo: Per Arnesen/Netflix.
Netflix's The Rain is a drama with the backbone of an anthology. Really, it's about a group a teens struggling to survive in a world devastated by a man-made apocalypse. Acid — or some other material, it's not really clear — rain murders anyone it touches, and most of Denmark is dead. Those who survived are not well, but they are really cute teens, which is why you're going to enjoy watching the show. Like The CW's The 100, The Rain counts on the teenhood of its main characters you keep you engaged. Yes, the situation is bleak, but at least the main characters are youthful and energetic! They're also slightly angsty and interested in falling in love with each other.
The main group featured in the The Rain is led by Martin (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard). Martin isn't the friendliest, and he doesn't even seem to like many members of the group. But he's bound to them, mostly thanks to Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic). Each episode of the show gives a short backstory to the characters involved. Here, we'll parse out each backstory for posterity.
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