What You Need To Know Before Season 5 Of The 100

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW..
The CW’s The 100 returns April 24, bringing with it more death, destruction, and teen romance. Like My Chemical Romance, but on TV. This is season 5 of the show, and it’s getting a little desperate, by which I mean, the world has ended. Literally. At the end of season 4, a prophesied blaze called praimfaya descended upon the Earth, swallowing every last bit of livable land. A few groups, survived, though: one in a bunker, one in the Ark, and one tiny duo on land. This is the 100 reset: After four seasons of battle between teens, tribes, and one Stepfordian AI, the Earth is suddenly uninhabitable again, just as it was in the beginning of the series. The 100 is back at ground zero — or “Eden,” as the season 5 premiere is called. We’ve been plopped back into prelapsarian times, baby, and only wonderful things will happen. (Not really.) Before the show returns, let’s revisit the grimy faces in its “teenage” cast.
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