This Rosé-Filled Vinebox Is About To Be All Over Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of Vinebox.
In years past, a glass of rosé was the key to unlocking our most perfect summertime Instagram shot. This summer though, we're all about the rosé rainbow. The wine subscription service Vinebox recently released its 2018 Shades of Summer box, which contains six different rosés, two chillable red wines, and one white. Altogether, the box holds one exquisite rainbow of wines that we're counting on to pull plenty of likes.
In addition to being visually stunning, Shades of Summer lets us try out a whole collection of weather-appropriate wines with a single purchase. The box comes with nine 10-centiliter vials — an average glass's worth — of wine. It's also made to go straight into the fridge, so it's easy to store and enjoy at just the right temperature. Accompanying the box, there's a card that describes each of the wines and even provides fun pairing suggestions, our favorite of which is Château Les Palais Rosé and Doritos, since we always seem to have that particular snack well-stocked.
Photo: Courtesy of Vinebox.
The collection costs $76, which comes out to be around $8 a glass. That's a good deal, especially since we don't have to do any work picking out the wines. Plus, according to Vinebox, many of the selections included are hard to find in the U.S. It looks like this summer, we'll be putting last year's poolside rosé shot to shame with this seriously Instagrammable rainbow of wines.

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