21 Edible Advent Calendars That Take Holiday Countdowns To The Next Level

Whether or not you are a firmly no-holiday-cheer-till-after-Thankgiving person or not, the fact remains: winter festivities are coming. While it might not be time to decorate quite yet, there is something you should probably get on quickly, and that's getting an advent calendar.
Traditionally a way to mark the four weeks leading up to Christmas, advent calendars are most commonly reusable or paper based with chocolate behind doors. Today, however, there are a growing number of fun twists on the holiday tradition, from boozy to savory.
Sadly, the U.S. is yet to catch up to countries like England and Germany where things like Pringles and cereal advent calendars are easily (and affordably) available at neighborhood grocery stores. But there are plenty available online, including boozy options and one involving pork crackling.
Ahead, 20 edible calendars, many still available online to order in the U.S. How will you count down to the most wonderful day of the year?
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Coffee advent calendars are a great way to make mornings magical even before seeing what Santa brought you on Christmas day.

KaffeBox Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar, $174, available from KaffeBox.
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A perfect way to have an excuse to wrap up in a blanket with a good book (if you ever needed one).

Palais Des Thés 24 Days Of Tea Advent Calendar, $25, available at Uncommon Goods.
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Flavored pig crackling for every day in December.

The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar, $19.26, available at The Snaffling Pig.
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This mix of sweet treats includes chocolate-covered Oreos and salted caramel bon-bons.

Mrs. Prindable's Christmas Advent Calendar, $55, available at Neiman Marcus.
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Sorry, you'll have to expatriate to England to get your hands on this (or pony up a lot of money on eBay).

Pringles Advent Calendar, £7.99, available at B&M Stores (U.K only).
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While we tend to think of jelly beans as a quintessential Easter treat, but apparently they can skate and know Santa.

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar, $18.50, available at Selfridges & Co.
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Even four-legged friends get excited for the holidays — humans, don't participate in this one. Each day has a different treat for cats. (They make one for dogs, too!)

Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar For Cats, $29, available at Selfridges & Co.
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The original "ginvent" calendar is back for another year.

Drinks By The Dram Ginvent Advent Calendar, $155, available at Selfridges & Co.
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Not a gin drinker? They have whiskey, vodka, and tequila, too.

Drinks By The Dram Tequila Advent Calendar, $165.78, available at Masters Of Malt.
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Available for pre-order soon, you'll want to keep these refrigerated.

Selfridges Selection 12 Days Of Mince Pies Advent Calendar, coming soon at Selfridges & Co.
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If a bottle of wine a day is too daunting a task, you'll have plenty saved up for New Year's Eve.

The Pip Stop Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar, £125, available at The Pip Stop (UK Only).
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It's up to you to fill up Dylan's Candy Bar house with a treat a day, and you'll be able to do it year after year.

Dylan's Candy Bar House Advent Calendar, $69, available at The Land Of Nod.
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For those who like their sweets with a little bite.

Lakrids Licorice Advent Calendar, $50.31, available at Trouva.
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Quin has included some of their famous grown-up candies in this pretty box.

Quin Candy Holiday Countdown Calendar, $22, available at Quin Candy.
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The 12 days of Christmas don't technically start until December 25, so whether you use this leading up to Christmas or for the days after is up to you.

Vinebox Twelve Nights Of Wine, $129, available at Vinebox.
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Another insanely-affordable, fun option that's only in England.

Kellog's Variety Advent Calendar, £4, available at Tesco (U.K. only).
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This takes your drugstore chocolate calendar and turns it up quite a few notches.

Vosges Haut-Chcolat Calendar Of Advent, $140, available at Vosges.
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You could DIY this for yourself pretty easily if you wanted to buy 24 Rees's minis, but without the paper doors, will you be able to make them last?

Hershey Reese's Miniature Advent Calendar, £4.99, available at B&M (U.K. only).
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No doors here – just 24 bottles concealed with brown paper bags so each day brings a new beer or cider surprise.

Booze Bud 201y Beer & Cider Advent Calendar, $99.99, available at Booze Bud.
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Another tea option for those who really love brewing a nice cuppa in the cold winter months.

Fortnum & Mason Tea Lover's Advent Calendar, $56.95, available at Williams-Sonoma.
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Like the original advent calendars, this one hails from Germany. We're pretty sure the originals didn't include lollipops, however.

Chupa-Chups Advent Calendar, $27.49, available at German Deli.
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