Y'all Really Think Thanos Is Hot?

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel.
Hi, internet. I think it's time we had a little chat: What the hell is up with everyone thinking CGI villains are hot? Last week, it was the titular character in Venom, portrayed by (but looking nothing like) Tom Hardy, whom the internet thought was sexy. Before that, it was Pennywise the Clown from It, who literally consumes children and has really lame dance moves. This week, in the wake of Infinity War's premiere, it's Josh Brolin's CGI titan Thanos.
I'm not exactly sure what happened here, because before the film came out and Thanos was revealed in the trailer, the internet was convinced that Thanos was super weird looking. One person even compared him to Grimace from the McDonald's universe. (The other MCU, if you will.)
I still strongly believe that Brolin's character is not someone I would swipe right on, but apparently, threatening half of the universe's population is a real turn-on for some people. Now, people think Thanos is bae, and honestly, I do not get it.
"Now that most of ya'll have seen #InfinityWar can we please discuss how hot Thanos is??? Or is it still 'too early,'" wrote one fan.
"Are we gonna pretend like Thanos isn’t hot as fuck," asked another person who clearly forgot that 1) He's a villain 2) He looks like one of those fancy purple potatoes you buy at Whole Foods.
"no one hate me but thanos is lowkey so hot i wanna fuck," added another person who might just be doing this to make me upset.
"Thanos? Hot as Fuck," replied another fan on the wrong side of history.
Of course, there were some people who saw the one true way:
"also, i saw a tweet before seeing this calling thanos hot. who the fuck was that. i just wanna talk."
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as a reminder: Three of the Chrises are in Infinity War. Scarlet Johansson is in Infinity War. Chadwick Boseman! Zoe Saldana! Sebastian Stan! It's a collection of beautiful people and you have to thirst after the purple giant who technically doesn't even exist?
I'll never understand, but I think, maybe, it's better that way.

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