What The Avengers End Credits Mean For Women

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.
Marvel has officially done it again. And by “it,” I mean they’ve once again managed to produce another superhero film that is mesmerizing, action-packed, and funny. Though, the feeling that definitely takes precedence in fans after the events of Avengers: Infinity War is “what the fuck?!”
If you were like me when the end credits began rolling, you were probably gripping the armrests, cursing under your breath, and your heart was racing. In the film, mad space titan Thanos has a plan to capture all six of the “infinity stones” and wipe out half of the universe, and with the snap of his fingers, Thanos does just that by the films close — leaving several key Avengers seemingly dead.
Fans were left confused and wondering who is going to fix Thanos’ mess. Let the post-credits scene be a clue: Captain Marvel.
In the scene, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury and Maria Hill are driving down the street when what seems to be a self-driving car nearly crashes into them. But this isn’t some Google invention gone bad — instead the driver of the lone vehicle has disintegrated just like some of the Avengers. Next to go is Hill, which prompts Fury to run back to the car to retrieve a pager-like device. He frantically begins sending a message, but before he can read the reply he dissolves into dust.
The camera then focuses on the device, which receives a message in the form of a familiar logo — that of Captain Marvel, who’s own film will be released in March 2019, just months before the currently-untitled Avengers 4 film.
This moment proves to be a huge victory for women. Not only is Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, the first female character on Marvel’s roster to get the solo big screen treatment, she’s, in theory, the person who’s going to save all of the Avengers’ asses. For a studio who dragged its feet giving Black Widow her own film, and only recently gave black women representation in Black Panther, Captain Marvel’s presence signals that times are finally changing for the better.
What role Captain Marvel will play in the Avengers sequel is unknown. And given the fact that her film takes place primarily in the 1990’s long before Thanos destroys the universe, one has to wonder if she somehow got the Captain-America-frozen-youth treatment somewhere along the way.
Nonetheless, Marvel has made it perfectly clear: this Thanos job is best handled by a woman.
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