Prince Harry Will Embrace Man Jewelry For Meghan Markle

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Apparently, it's a thing in royal weddings for men to just opt out of the wedding band — which, yes, is something anyone can do, it just feels weird for a family who still wears those hats to suddenly be so lax about tradition — but Prince Harry is all in. According to E! News, the groom-to-be "does want to wear a wedding band," a contrast to his older brother, who wears zero wedding bands but does have three kids, so it's like, we get it.
"It is simply down to personal preference," an aide said about Prince William back in 2011, according to The Daily Mail, and Prince Harry has already made clear that's he's on board for matching jewelry. Last year, he was spotted wearing the "his" half of the "his and hers" bracelets he wears with Markle — on the cover of Town and Country, no less.
This whole shindig doesn't go down until May 19, but there's still plenty of details yet to emerge until then. Who is going? What specifically will happen? And will we get to hear any of Markle's speech?
You can tune into the service at 7 a.m. via a number of cable providers, but if you're like me, I'll be heading over to see what Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan have to say on HBO.
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