Twitter Is So Excited For Britain To Have A Biracial Member Of The Royal Family

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
There's no better way to kick off a new week than with news of a royal engagement, but it's even better when it makes history. It was announced this morning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged, with a wedding set for spring 2018. This is exciting because of, you know, love and stuff, but also the groundbreaking fact that Markle is biracial. That doesn't fall into the monarchy's previously outdated and narrow protocol for marriage, a sign that times truly are changing.
It was confirmed that Queen Elizabeth approved the marriage, and her, along with everybody else, are over the moon about the match — but nobody, nobody, is more excited than Twitter. Fans have been using the website to express their joy about the news, specifically the triumph of a Black woman joining the royal family.
"*sees Meghan Markle infiltrate Britain's racist, elitist ways*" wrote fan Alexis Wilson, accompanied by a GIF of Lady Gaga.
"Somewhere in Hollywood a white screenwriter is sipping a fresh cup of Intelligentsia and adapting Othello into Othella, loosely based on Meghan Markle," Daily Beast writer Ira Madison joked.
"the monarchy is a relic of colonialism that—[reads headline] GO PRINCESS! BLACK PRINCESS! [hits ferocious cabbage patch] BLACK PRINCESS! BLACK PRINCESS!" writer and artist Eve Ewing added.
"Prince Harry's future mother-in-law is a black woman with dreadlocks," another fan marveled. "There are no words for this kind of joy."
"me, from first words to 26 November, 2017: nah fuck the whole entire royal institution, tbh," wrote BuzzFeed writer Bim Adewunmi, adding "me, 27 November, 2017:" with the photo above.
"As a woman of colour I could not be any more happier for Prince Harry and Megan Markle," wrote former Britain's Next Top Model contestant Talulah Eve. "Who'd have thought we'd see the day a black woman would be an embraced royal."
"WE GOT ONE IN THE PALACE, Y’ALL!" cried Lauren Warren.
"Okay but real talk, the black women church hats facing off with the Brit women hats at Harry and Meghan’s wedding is gonna be epic," political strategist Atima Omara wrote.
Congrats to the happy couple, but also, TBH, congrats to Britain for finally joining 2017.
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