Kendall Jenner Is Now Involved In A Pizza-Themed Legal Drama

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.
By the end of this post, I can promise you the word "pizza" will have lost all meaning — and we're not even talking about the food! On April 13, Kendall Jenner dropped the first episode of her new Beats 1 radio show, Pizza Boys. Described as a "living room pizza party," the show aired on Apple Music and Pizza Boys merch was sold during Coachella to spread the word. This ruffled the feathers of Pizzaboyzzz, a seller of pizza-themed art including pins, prints, and clothes run by Robert Karageuzian. The brand has been calling out the similarities on Instagram since before the show even aired, and now they've had their lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to Jenner, as well as co-host DJ Daniel Chetrit and Apple, asking them to change the name of the program.
"Unless they stop doing what they’re doing, we’re going to file a suit next week and enjoin them from using our client’s trademark," Karageuzian lawyer, Sam Israel, said in a statement to People. "It’s clear cut. They took the mark, they liked it, they went with it [and] they didn’t even contact us to try to get permission or anything. Just used it and then started a radio show talking about how great it is."
The Pizzaboyzzz trademark has been around since February 2015, according to Isreal, and he says this change has already caused some confusion with customers thinking the two projects are related.
"Even if they were to change the name slightly, the fact of the matter is they’re deliberately targeting our client base, our audience, because they’re trying to pretend in effect that they are Pizzaboyzzz," he continued. "They just are acting as if they are our client. It’s almost like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They just stepped in and became the Pizzaboyzzz."
A representative for Jenner did not immediately return Refinery29's request for comment.
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