Wait, What's Kourtney Kardashian Doing On Capitol Hill?

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images.
If you’ve kept with up the Kardashians lately, you’d know that Khloé gave birth to her first daughter, Kim is trying a cleanse, and Kourtney has decided it's time for her to get into politics. No, she's not running for governor (yet): The reality star and mother-of-three has announced her plans to fight for cosmetic-formulation reform on Capitol Hill.
According to The Hill, Kourtney is joining the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in D.C. today to speak for the crucial need to update our national laws regulating cosmetic products — but not before launching a brand-new makeup collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner. Starting today, you can snag three eyeshadow quads with shadow names you'll recognize from Kourt's IRL vocabulary, like Poosh and Slob Kabob, along with three liquid lip colors, in nude, pink, and red velvet finishes à la Kylie Cosmetics.
All things considered, it's perfect timing for Kourtney to kick off a buzzy publicity moment with an altruistic twist that has the potential to change the beauty industry forever. And to her credit, if anyone in the Kardashian family is a stickler for ingredients, it's her. Not only does she claim to have the EWG Healthy Living app on her phone, but there's an entire episode of KUWTK dedicated to Kourtney's strict (and only slightly exhausting) personal commitment to a gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic lifestyle.
So, Kourtney is showing up to fight for safer beauty products, but does her new makeup launch comply with EWG standards? From what we can tell, the ingredients list mostly checks out. But if she does plan on launching her own safe cosmetics company in the future, she may want to rethink using Teflon in her eyeshadows...

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