Mismatched Eyeshadow Is Here To Challenge The Status Quo

Photo: Via @teishajenaie.
For the most part, human beings are most attracted to symmetrical features. It's a subconscious thing, and it makes sense, given that much of the classical art world has dedicated years to creating the "perfect" vision of the human form — just look at Da Vinci's Virtruvian Man.
When it comes to makeup, we're taught the same thing: Your eyebrows should match, your blush should, too, and don't even get us started on cat-eyes. Symmetry is key — or is it?
Instead of copying the same look on both eyes, makeup artists and influencers have decided to stick it to the beauty rules — opting for mismatched eyeshadow and liner in a bevy of bold shades. Call it a non-committal way to pull off two of your favorite hues or a statement against the rigidity of makeup techniques — either way, there's no denying these looks will turn heads. Ahead, check out six of our favorite two-toned eye looks.

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