This Is What Happens When Lip Fillers Go Wrong — & How To Fix It

You've read the scare-factor headlines, seen the E! specials — when the word "botched" is in a sentence anywhere remotely close to the word "injections," you know that's code for trouble. What you might not realize, however, is that this is usually at the hands of a shady black-market operation — a reality that Rosie Bramley learned the hard way, after a lip-filler procedure went horribly wrong.
For her, the idea to get lip injections came by word-of-mouth. Which makes sense, seeing that the procedure is booming in popularity: In 2016, approximately 27,000 lip procedures took place in the U.S. — an 1,000% increase since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Bramley got recommendations for a clinic from her friends, and immediately booked an appointment.
"The first person I went to get my filler done wasn't a doctor," she explains. "It's really embarrassing to say now, but I don't actually know what they were. I don't know if they were a nurse; I don't know if they were a medical practitioner; I don't know what qualifications they had." This isn't uncommon, says cosmetic doctor Dr. Tijion Esho: "A lot of people want to rush. When it's impulsive, impatient people that don't do their research, it's a dangerous mix."
Shortly after her procedure, Bramley developed a series of under-the-skin cysts on her lips that felt hard to the touch — and were difficult for other medical doctors to dissolve. She was lucky to have Dr. Esho come to her rescue, but not everyone can be so fortunate... which is why it's absolutely critical that you see a licensed medical professional for all of your injectable needs.

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