This Weird Aubrey Plaza Interview Confirms: We Want To Be Her BFF

Photo: Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS.
Many of us are familiar with Aubrey Plaza in some way. This might be due to her deadpan portrayal of April on Parks & Rec, her turn as a wannabe Instagram influencer in Ingrid Goes West, or her current role as Lenny Cornflakes Busker on Legion.
But, unless you watched The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, you don’t know nearly enough about Aubrey Plaza. In a short interview, Plaza managed to reveal a decent amount of surprising tidbits and personal anecdotes.
For example, did you know that when Plaza was a student at NYU, she took “under the table” nighttime acting classes in an abandoned Applebee’s in Times Square (inside a door that said “do not enter or you will die”) in which students were encouraged to recruit police officers for their acting exercises? Or that her grandparents, Chico and Dolores, were regionally-famous flamenco dancers, and her late uncle owned a salsa dancing studio in Philadelphia called El Chico’s Dance Studio?
I bet you didn’t know these things. After revealing all of this (and playing a clip of her entire family salsa dancing) Plaza proceeded to teach Colbert how to salsa dance. When producers told Colbert to wrap, he (understandably) told them to “go to hell.”
This interview also indicates that Plaza may not be receiving her due credit in Hollywood. Sure, she has achieved a level of indie and commercial acclaim that most people can only dream of (one that involves getting high with nuns), so it is not entirely accurate to say that people are sleeping on her.
But if this interview is anything to go by, Plaza has the chops to rival famously charismatic interviewees like Jennifer Lawrence — and, for that matter, Stephen Colbert.
Anway, what I am saying here is that this interview is a sight to behold and, in order to understand it in all of its complexity, you’re going to have to watch it yourself.
So, is this proof that Aubrey Plaza deserves to have her own late night talk show, or at least star in more projects so she can always be a guest on one? We’re not saying yes, but we’re also not saying no.
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