The Only Thing Better Than Glitter Sunscreen Is Glitter Weed Sunscreen

There's a subset of people out there who refer to April through August not as spring and summer, but as festival season. They function on significantly less sleep than you or I ever could, collect VIP wristbands like badges of honor, and really, really, really love space buns.
They're exactly the kind of people for whom glitter sunscreen was invented — vitamin D fiends in competition to be the most extra. There's really only one way to make their SPF even more on-brand, and of course, one company figured it out: by adding CBD.
"We create products for the sun loving, tree hugging festival fairies," reads the website for Felix & Ambrosia, a "uniquely millennial" (you don't say) brand out of Nevada that makes CBD wellness products for concert-goers, among them sun cream, hand sanitizer, and after-sun lotion.
The fragrance-free Sunny Daze sunscreen has SPF 30, glitter that's made from naturally biodegradable plant cellulose, and anti-inflammatory, hemp-derived CBD isolate with less than 0.3% THC. It won't get you high, so you're going to want to keep your vape pen handy for that. Just make sure to set an iPhone reminder to reapply every two hours — time really seems like a flat circle when you're going on your 12th consecutive year of Coachella.
Felix & Ambrosia Sunny Daze CBD Sun Cream, $36, available at Felix & Ambrosia.

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