Our Favorite Textured Top Knots At Coachella

Photographed by Emily Malan.
In case you haven't been to the Southern California desert in the height of daylight, we'll clue you in on the weather: it's hot. A actual F. That's why we weren't all that surprised to see so many protective styles at Coachella this past weekend... naturalistas know the struggle of weather-related shrinkage all too well. And who wants to waste hours doing a twist-out only to have it shrivel up in the sun? Exactly.
Braids and twists are always an easy way to give your curls a rest — and to get you out of the door and to your favorite artist's set in a timely manner. Or, if you don't feel like sitting in the chair for hours on end, you can always just rock with the texture you've got. But sometimes, braids and twists can be a tiny bit cumbersome, especially if they're long. That's why we love a good topknot: they're equal parts function and fashion.
See how some Coachella attendees wore their buns, ahead.

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