Mandy Moore's Dainty Foot Tattoo Has An Inspiring Backstory

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images.
History would tell us that Mandy Moore only has one foot tattoo — and only one for good reason. (The last time she took a needle to that area, she got a tattoo of a tiny sperm.) But today, she added another to her collection and the story behind it just might inspire you to update your bucket list.
If you don't follow Moore on Instagram, then you might not know that she recently spent over a week in Africa to make the trek up the highest mountain peak on the continent: Mount Kilimanjaro. As one might imagine, spending several days hiking a trail that crosses five different ecological zones to a peak that most adventure seekers rarely reach due to altitude sickness can really change a person. Making the climb has been one of Moore's goals since she was 18 years old and, naturally, it left a mark on her forever — figuratively, and now literally thanks to tattoo artist Daniel Winter of L.A.'s Winter Stone.
According to Moore's latest Instagram post, her newest tattoo is an outline of the mountain's peak. "The mountain. Forever commemorated. Thank you @winter_stone for the reminder of what we accomplished," she wrote. As for the meaning behind her other foot tattoo, we may never know.

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