Twitter Has Some Questions About Beauty Routines On The Walking Dead

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There are some things we know to be true in relation to The Walking Dead. Negan is an apocalyptic monster. The body count is astonishingly high. And for being in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, these people all look pretty damn good, season after season.
If we ever endure the same traumatic events Michonne and Rosita Espinosa do, we're almost positive we won't be thinking about booking a wax and re-stocking our Benefit Gimme Brow. Alas, this is a fictional world — and groomed women make for good ratings.
This isn't the first time we've been distracted by the beauty lewks in the show, but Jessica Valenti, author and columnist at The Guardian, recently ignited the conversation via Twitter — and the responses are pretty great.
"I just wanna know where all these Walking Dead ladies are getting their eyebrows done in a post-apocalyptic hellscape," wrote Valenti on Twitter. Soon, her comment had garnered hundreds of replies and retweets.
"Not to mention cleanser/moisturizer!" chimed in one user. (It's true — their good skin is inexplicable.)
"I plan to learn threading so in the event of an apocalypse I will have skills in high demand," wrote another.
And many pointed out the perfection that is Rosita's brow game through screenshots and gifs.
Considering we can barely manage to make our salon appointments (and we don't even have to worry about men with barbed wire bats running around), we'd also love to know how she finds the time to get her arches in top shape while concocting a kidnapping plan with Daryl. But we think that's one secret she'll probably take to the grave...

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