What Do The Women Of The Walking Dead Do When They Get Their Periods?

Photo Illustration by Louisa Cannel.
I’ve often wondered how I would fare in a zombie apocalypse. Would I run? (Probably.) Would I hide? (Most likely.) Would I sacrifice friends and family in order to save myself? (Not gonna lie, maybe.) But one thing’s for sure: As a woman, I would have several concerns about this brave new world.
It’s all well and good for the men of The Walking Dead — at least, as far as it can be when you’re trying to survive in a world where dead humans eat you. The Ricks and Daryls and yes, even teenage Carls of the world can get as dirty and disheveled as they like. If they have to flee, leaving behind the meager possessions they’ve managed to hold on to, so be it. They’re men. They don’t have a monthly concern about bleeding out of their vagina or face constant pressure about perfectly groomed eyebrows.
But if your name is Maggie, Carol, or Rosita, forget it. Before you can ditch whatever new home you've made for yourself that season, you need to grab the tampons, razor, granny panties you found that one time at a burnt-down Walmart, and maybe the baking soda, since you're also expected to cook for all those Ricks, Daryls, and Carls. Oh, and don't forget Judith's formula and onesies. You know Rick forgot those.
Click through for my very pressing logistical questions for the ladies of The Walking Dead.

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