The Pilot Episode Of Westworld Has Spoilers For Season 2

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I was already planning to rewatch the first season of Westworld before the show's April 22 season 2 premiere, but now there's another reason to refresh your memory (if your memory is even real, since some of you may be robots, etc). In an interview with The Independent, Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard Lowe on the HBO series, said that rewatching the season 1 pilot after reading the season 2 script ended up revealing a whole lot of foreshadowing that regular viewers totally missed.
"I went back and watched the pilot simply because I wanted to go back and see where we had come from. I'd done some ADR and seen some footage and I was like, 'Wow that's really evolved,' both in terms of my relationship to the character but also the storytelling dynamic," Wright told the outlet. "So I went back and watched the pilot and I'm hearing and seeing things and going, 'Woah, those are windows onto season 2.' There are some very clear references to season 2 that I had not picked up on the first viewing."
It's hard to say what those references would be without having seen the second season, but trusty Reddit has some ideas.
"I must say I am nit [sic] surprised that the pilot had windows into season two. season one, episode one still feels a little off compared to the other episodes," wrote user leia_loves_cats (same, Leia). "More mature, more belonging to a greater picture. Also I am all in for the theory that the first and last scene, Dolores being interrogated happens after her actions at the gala."
Meaning, the interview with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) that starts the first season could actually be taking place after the events of those episodes. It's not confirmed, but considering how the writers love to mess with the concept of time, this sounds right up their alley.
"I really appreciate the architecture of the storytelling," Wright added. "There's a mathematical clarity to it and a deliberateness to it; everything has its purpose." We'll just have to wait until April 22 to find out what that purpose is.
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