Westworld Finally Confirms That There Are More Worlds

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO
It's not just about cowboys and saloons anymore. A (very cool) new website has revealed that the robot-laden theme park within HBO's Westworld is just one of many within the series.
Discovering the website was the work of eagle-eyed fans who watched the Westworld commercial during Sunday night's Super Bowl. The commercial, at 33 seconds in, has a binary code that leads to a new website, titled "Delos Destinations."
Think of Delos Destinations like a dystopian vacation site. Per the newly-discovered page, it is revealed that there are actually a total of six worlds within the Westworld universe. Unfortunately, what those worlds actually are called is something we'll have to wait to find out. The site seems to "glitch" when you attempt to click on pages for the other parks, which, after the first (Westworld) and second park (simply a blurry, glitching image) are labeled with numbers.
This isn't the only time fans have been informed that there are lands beyond Westworld. In season 1, Maeve (Thandie Newton) learns her daughter is in "park 1," suggesting that there are other areas where robot hosts serve as entertainment for humans. There's also a moment when we see hosts dressed as Samurai, suggesting that feudal Japan could be a theme of another park within the Westworld universe.
Creator Jonathan Nolan told Deadline that so-called "Samarai World" could possibly be explored within Westworld's second season. The mysterious website seems to suggest as much as well: The second park is the only one, outside of the original Westworld, that has an image, and though it's blurry, it's possible that this could be a world replicated to look like Japan. If you screenshot the image at the exact right point, you can see that the logo in the corner reads "SW."
My theory? That each new season of Westworld will give us a peek into one of the six other parks — and that Samarai World will be next up. Could the hosts of Westworld team up with their brothers and sisters across theme parks, until they finally shut down the operation for good? It's certainly possible — and it doesn't bode too well for the stock price of Delos Destinations.
The new season of Westworld will premiere on HBO April 22.

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