On The Show's Anniversary, The Cast Of 13 Reasons Why Are Posting The Best Tributes

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the premiere of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. The show, which counted Selena Gomez among its executive producers, was an instant success, and we are eagerly awaiting season 2. Netflix hasn’t said anything about a release date, though there is a chance it is dropping very soon given that it has been one year since the premiere. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long, but it also feels like forever since we had new episodes! Production for season 2 wrapped in December, which means it could be done and ready to watch any day now. (We’re hoping sooner rather than later.) Sadly, we didn’t get a new season this weekend, but we did get some words from the cast.
Just based on the anniversary posts alone, you can tell that the show has meant a lot to the cast members. For many of them, it was either their first role or their breakout role. As not only a role that made her a household name, but as her very first part ever, star Katherine Langford has described the series as “the best first show I could have ever done.”
13 Reasons Why has impacted so many, and its fans, us included, can’t get enough of it. For many of the cast members, it was either their first role or their break out role.
“Forever grateful to have had the opportunity to tell this story and to have worked with the most beautiful people – I can't believe this was my first role,” wrote Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker. With such a dramatic role under her belt, she has already gone on to star in another instant teen favorite, Love, Simon.
“A year ago yesterday we premiered a show with the hope that it would help change the conversation surrounding mental health and the way we interact with and listen to our young people,” Christian Navarro, known to 13 Reasons Why fans as Tony, captioned his Instagram post. While the show did receive criticism for its gruesome and unflinching portrayal of suicide, many have credited the show for starting a conversation about mental health in high school.
Miles Heizer, who shared a set with fellow cast member Langford for Love, Simon, shared a photo as well with a message to the cast and crew, the viewers, and to himself before he was cast on the show.
13 Reasons Why came out a year ago today and has led to one of the most eye opening, thought provoking, and loving years of my life,” wrote Ross Butler, who was on the first season of Riverdale last year as well. “To everyone who has opened up to a loved one, thank you. To everyone who has started a civil conversation about what needs to change, thank you. To everyone who has told someone that you are there for them, thank you.”
Some chose to share funny moments on set. Justin Prentice, who we all know as the bully and all around bad guy, Bryce, posted a behind-the-scenes shot stealing co-star Flynn’s pasta.
Tommy Dorfman also took a moment to reflect on the one year anniversary of the show. “I’m so grateful for this show and all of you, and more importantly what this show has meant to you,” he wrote.
Devin Druid was left speechless by the anniversary. “1 year. Wow,” he posted. When a show takes off in such a huge way, it undoubtedly impacts your life for years to come.

1 year. Wow.

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In gearing up for season 2, the cast have published a message to their viewers that the show isn’t for those who are at risk for suicide. Its portrayal may be intense, but its message is important. The one year anniversary celebrates not just one year since the show was released, but one year since it started an important national conversation on mental health.
Not long after the first season aired, Netflix renewed the series for a second season.
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