This Photo Of Kit Harington In Paris Is A Renaissance Masterpiece

While Rose Leslie surfs around the U.S. promoting The Good Fight, Kit Harington is having a grand old time in Paris — a tres bon evening, if you will! Or, he had a not-so-fun time. You decide. Harington was photographed on the streets of Paris with friends looking slightly damp and slightly off balance. He leans against the van, he struggles with his phone — hey, Rose, darling, whaddup, I'm snoshed — and gets dangerously close to oncoming traffic. All the while, Harington looks a little bewildered, as if he's not so sure how he ended up leaning against a van, or how it is he's so close to a paparazzi. So, yeah, a potentially not-so-great night. Or, a night for the books. No matter what, the photos, which you can observe at Daily Mail, deserve some attention. Hang it in the Louvre. (Down the back, but who cares?)
This is just part of the Kit Harington Is Sad saga, which reached its zenith when Harington was photographed on the Game of Thrones set looking particularly weary. In those photos, Harington is also holding a cigarette, and he's also looking a little bewildered. Maybe shooting Game of Thrones has him feeling blue. It is, after all, the final season.
Harington has a resting "sad" face, something he acknowledged in 2014 in an interview with GQ. He's not sad, he explained, he's just being himself!
"I'd get people coming up to me in the street and asking if I was okay," he explained. "But this is my default. I laugh, I make jokes, I just happen to reside in this face." And what a face it is.
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