Is Kit Harington Just Playing Jon Snow In Gunpowder?

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Viglasky/HBO.
Kit Harington is back on HBO in a series where he carries around a sword, fights the good fight, and broods with the best of them. Yet, Game Of Thrones isn’t even back on the air. Rather, Harington stars in the three-night miniseries Gunpowder, which follows the real-life 17th century plot to assassinate the king of England at the time, James I. Yes, even when the British actor isn’t in the Seven Kingdoms, he still needs to plot against an overly draconian regime.
Although Harington’s new character Robert Catesby, whom, by the way he’s a direct descendant of, sounds a lot like Westeros’ poutiest royal, the historical Brit and Jon Snow aren’t exactly twins. After watching Gunpowder’s opening installment, “Part 1,” we decided to break down the major similarities between Robert and Jon. And, of course, we're pointing out their most glaring differences too.
Keep reading to find out just how much Harington’s TV roles actually stack up. In a Game Of Thrones draught, this is just the kind of investigation our Westeros-starved hearts need.
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