A Fellow ABC Star Has Harsh Words For The Bachelor’s Arie

Photo: ABC/Nicole Wilder.
Apparently The Bachelor’s Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is a “jerkface.” Well, at least that’s the tea according to former Girlboss star, Britt Robertson.
In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the actress didn’t hold back. Fans learned a couple things about the For The People star.
She explained that after wrapping up a long day of shooting the last thing she wants to do is discuss her day (same, girl).
“At the end of a work day, I can’t really talk. I don’t want to talk,” she said . How does she unwind? With an episode of The Bachelor, of course. Though the best part of the interview was when she launched into a story about how she met Arie Luyendyk, Jr.
“I met Arie before the stuff went down,” Robertson said. The “stuff” Robertson is referring to isn’t initially clear. But in case you forgot: Luyendyk went from being the most snooziest bachelor ever to possibly being dubbed the show’s worst villain in a short period (spoiler: he and Becca Kurfin have called it quits). Needless to say Robertson has some strong words about her encounter with Luyendyk.
According to the actress, the two ABC stars met about a week after Luyendyk’s season debuted on television. Robertson explained how she was excited to meet him and how she hoped he’d tell her who he handed his final rose to. “I was hoping he would tell me who he chooses and he did not. Then he was kind of like a jerkface, I’m not gonna lie,” she said with an animated expression of disapproval.
“...He acted like taking a picture with me was just the most painful thing he’s ever done. And I’m literally thinking to myself, ‘bro this is what you signed up for; you’re not an actor, you’re not a director, you’re not creative. You’re here for us to take photos and make fun of you. That’s all you are: a show pony. Marry some girl and make us happy.’”
The Shondaland star then proceeded to breakdown what was happening around the time the two met and let’s just say maybe there was a reason he wasn’t in the best spirits.
Check it out.

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