The Hottest Sex Scenes Netflix Shows Have To Offer

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We are truly living in the golden age of television. For proof, you need look no further than Netflix's selection of original series and the absolute best shows from around the world. Besides all the compelling and groundbreaking series like Babylon Berlin and Altered Carbon, we are also getting more sex. Steamy sex. Polyamorous sex. Non-heteronormative sex.
So if you can't keep up with the most titillating, provocative, and downright spicy sex scenes on Netflix, we have neatly compiled them all for you here. Some, we're sure, you've already watched, rewound, and watched again. With others, we are hoping to arouse your libido and interest you in a whole new batch of unfamiliar characters.
Did you know that, unlike Jamie and Cercei Lannister's secret relationship, The Borgias' Lucrezia and Cesare were the brother-sister duo fans were actually dying to see together? And when they finally did, the showrunners didn't hold anything back, giving fans of the Showtime drama all the back-arching sensuality they had been longing for.
There are also the steamy scenes in Orange Is The New Black, with so many downright risqué sex scenes, it was nearly impossible to choose just one. So we chose two. A hot library quickie from Piper and Alex, the OG OITNB couple, and a sweeter, more seductive one between Poussey and Soso.
And, of course, no Netflix list would be complete without Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Or Luke Cage and Misty Knight. The surprisingly intimate sex scene from Gypsy, the now-canceled Naomi Watts series. And the holy-shit-what-is-going-on polyamorous scene in Sense8.
Click through to some of our favorites — but be warned, they're delightfully NSFW.
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Luke Cage

You don't have to adjust your screen, this straight-up fire of a scene is between Luke Cage and Misty Knight, another Marvel superhero.
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Oh, you better believe that the best female gaze sex scene of all time has just hit Netflix! Outlander has more than enough drama to keep you glued to the screen, but may I suggest you fast-forward to Season 1, Episode 7? You won't be disappointed.
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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Okay, so this isn't technically a sex scene, but Harvey (Ross Lynch) stripping to make Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) comfortable as he checks her for a witch's mark is hawt.
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Sex Education

Each episode of this delightful comedy begins with a sex scene. Most of them are awkward — and deliberately so. Otis (Asa Butterfield) starts a pop-up sex therapy service to help his classmates out. The show's most memorable sex scene comes when Adam and Eric's contentious relationship gives way to something else.
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Who knew Richard Madden saying the word "ma'am" could be so sexy? The tension between David Budd (Madden) and Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) is one of the best parts of this riveting drama.
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The high school-aged characters on this Spanish show are getting some. The first episode alone has two different adventurous pairings — one couple who decides to try the school shower, and another couple who invites a new student into their relationship dynamic.
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Jessica Jones

We waited all season for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to finally get together, and when they did, they literally shattered walls.
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This threesome is straight FIRE!
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The show didn't live up to the hype, but OOF this clip.
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Orange Is The New Black

Remind us to spend more time in the library.
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Don't let this sweet video fool you. The BBC show is straight-up licentious courtesans and a debauching king.
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Black Mirror

San Junipero was the first Black Mirror episode with a happy ending. And this suggestive scene had us falling in love with Yorkie and Kelly.
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Marvel's Daredevil

Even if you don't like superheroes, you will like this.
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Did you watch it? Watch it again just to see Emmy Rossum rip her panty hose on the kitchen table.
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The Borgias

Fans waited three seasons for this brother and sister couple to know each other biblically.
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The Tudors

Do you recognize Henry Cavill (a.k.a. Superman) in this scene? Fun fact: his character, Charles Brandon, is escorting Margaret to marry the king of Portugal. What the king doesn't know won't hurt him.
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The 100

Fans had been waiting for Clarke and Lexa to consummate their flirtation. And the results were worth the wait.
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Orange Is The New Black

This is tamer than Piper and Alex, but so much sweeter and full of love.

Poussey and Soso forever!
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Charlie and Cook just can't get enough of each other.

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