Lili Reinhart Is Upset Over 'Distorted' Photos

Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart doesn’t have a problem telling it like it is, whether that means sharing her beauty routine when she’s stuck at home with bronchitis, getting real about her misconceptions about sex, or, most recently, calling out a magazine for Photoshopping her body in a social media post.
On Thursday, Reinhart called out Cosmopolitan Philippines for altering images of her and co-star Camila Mendes from the February cover shoot of Cosmopolitan US, trimming each of their waists to appear smaller (on International Women’s Day, no less). The actress shared her and Mendes’ retouched images on her Instagram Story. “Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have," Reinhart wrote on one of the slides.
“It’s an everyday battle sometimes," she continued. "And to see our bodies become so distorted in an editing process is a perfect example of the obstacles we have yet to overcome. So we cannot stop fighting. Our battle has only just begun. We are fucking powerful, beautiful, and strong… we aren’t going to hide behind photoshop to conform to your beauty standards.”
Reinhart ended her body-positive rant with a call to action, encouraging women to continue to “kick some ass” and asking celebrities to “stop photoshopping their waists/noses/arms/legs in their photos,” as it’s only encouraging an unrealistic body image. We applaud Reinhart for being a strong role model who champions real body bodies.
The posts have since been deleted from Cosmopolitan Philippines' Instagram account.

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