Olivia Munn's Perm Is Even Better Than We Imagined

Update: Anyone who's been waiting with bated breath for the reveal of Olivia Munn's perm since last week, get excited (and also, maybe a new hobby?): The actress just revealed the final look on Instagram. Rest assured, this isn't your Aqua Net crunchy perm of the '80s. Instead, her fresh-off-the-beach texture is soft and messy in the best way possible — like she just took a dip in the ocean.
Check out Munn's new style below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

I got a #PERM! ?Thanks @bykileyfitz

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This story was originally posted on March 8.
In most cases, "the grass is always greener" is just a stock phrase your coupled-up friend uses any time you complain about dying alone. But really, the term could apply to any situation in which you want something you don't currently have, and there is perhaps no woe more universally understood than the longing for a different hair type.
Take Olivia Munn, for example. Despite being blessed with lit-from-within skin (courtesy of Japanese potatoes and Proactive, because what else?) and a 'round-the-clock glam squad, the actress took to Instagram to explain there is one trait she always wished she had: wavy hair. So Munn decided to pay L.A.-based hairstylist Kylie Fitzgerald a visit last night for the star's very first perm — and, luckily for anyone curious about the process, documented the entire thing on Instagram.
In a series of videos, Boomerangs, and photos on her IG Stories, Munn wrote, "My hair is so thick and heavy so i have a hard time getting body into it. Sooo I'm putting in my first permanent wave with @bykileyfitz" — followed by a play-by-play of the entire process. (Shrieks of pain and all.) Fitzgerald started by wrapping Munn's hair in a set of long, orange curlers, then applied the formula, towel blotted, and rinsed. Track the timestamps from start to finish, and you'll see she was at the salon for a good one to two hours. (Good thing she was doing lots of leg kicks to keep the blood pumping.)
Although Munn will have to wait two full days before shampooing — and thus, revealing — her new Gisele-like waves, she did end the visit on a positive note, saying the four magic words every person hopes to feel after undergoing a major hair transformation: "I feel so pretty."
We'll update this post when Munn posts the final "after" look.

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