Carrie Underwood Rises Above Her Nasty Fall In Her New Music Video

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Not even 40-50 stitches to the face and a broken wrist can hold champion Carrie Underwood down.
The country singer, who took a horrible fall outside of her home last November, is (sort of) back in front of the camera for the music video for her latest single, "The Champion." The track, which features Ludacris, is a rallying cry for perseverance and grit, both of which Underwood proved to possess in the aftermath of her terrifying accident.
At the beginning of the year, Underwood told fans that the fall could leave her looking "a bit different" in the future. After watching the video, the only thing that seems remotely "different" about her is that she's seemingly more determined to succeed than ever before. Though she hides her face behind the microphone for most of the video, Underwood did include two shots of her lifting weights and running.
The video captures some of the most significant cultural moments from the past 100 years, including protests at the Berlin Wall, footage from the Civil Rights movement, and a nod to #MeToo. Additionally, "The Champion" features professional and aspiring athletes.
According to Cosmopolitan, both the Super Bowl and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games have used the anthem, so be prepared to hear this song at nearly every other sporting event from now into eternity.
But, while the song is perfect to pump people up before a big televised game, Underwood seems more interested in inspiring and connecting with everyday listeners. Over the past few weeks, she's been sharing videos of fans using the track during workouts and for dance routines.
Last month, Underwood shared her first selfie following her fall to bring attention to the End It Movement, which strives to put a stop to modern-day slavery.

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