Le Creuset Is Re-Introducing A Retired Color

In this time of rainbow bagels, unicorn toast, and millennial pink everything, it’s rare to walk into a kitchen or dining space and not see bursts of color everywhere. Ever since these trends have emerged, we've really been riding the colorful wave, obsessing over various vibrant tableware and appliances. Recently, however, a high-end cookware brand has cut through this clutter of hues by reintroducing one of its original shades at a more affordable price. Le Creuset just announced that starting this month, it's helping neutrals make a comeback by selling several of its most iconic products in Dune, a previously retired sandy shade.
In an Instagram post shared earlier this week, Le Creuset wrote, "This Spring, we're bringing the original neutral, Dune, back from the archives." Now, we know nobody likes to be proven wrong, but if you thought neutral was just another word for boring, this will surely set you straight. In the video, above the three Le Creuset pieces in Dune, the phrase, "A French classic returns..." appears. Classic is exactly the word that comes to mind with this shade.

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An additional Instagram post, which features just the oval Dutch oven in Dune, bares the description, "With soft, neutral tones of fresh cream, sugar cane, and eggshell, DUNE is a standout color that blends beautifully into nearly every kitchen setting." You know what that means? This Le Creuset shade will even look good among the more whackier pieces we've recently been bringing into our homes.
The Dune-colored cookware made its official return yesterday, and the best part is, it's available exclusively at Le Creuset outlet stores. That means, the prices will surely be a little less steep than usual. If you're unsure where your nearest Le Creuset outlet is but definitely want to snag one of these simple yet chic pieces while you can, there's a long list of outlet locations on Le Creuset's official website. The opportunity to actually make neutrals happen again probably won't last long.

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