Has The Rainbow Bagel Craze Gone Too Far?

Update: It looks like the below mesmerizing video is the only taste of rainbow bagels anyone is going to be getting for a little while. Thanks to its newfound rainbow-hued fame, Gothamist reports that Williamsburg Bagel is "closed for renovations indefinitely." The bakery plans to reopen in the coming days, but for now all the press that its neon bread garnered was just too much for the company. The shop's two locations have been consistently selling out of product and the team had to shut down and regroup to make sure they could keep up with demand. This story was originally published on February 2, 2016.
In the age of #foodporn and entire social networks dedicated just to photographing meals, every part of your diet should be beautiful. That’s the principle behind the Rainbow Bagel, available only at The Bagel Store in the hipster haven of Williamsburg.
The bagels are beautiful, like something out of Lisa Frank’s hunger dreams, but insanely painstaking to make. INSIDER Food has a video breakdown which tells part of the story. The Daily Meal reports that 100 Rainbow Bagels take the same amount of time (five hours) as 1,000 regular bagels. That’s due to an intensive dyeing, layering, and twisting process that looks less Williamsburg and more Willy Wonka.
Scot Rossillo, Bagel Store owner, has been making the bagels for two decades, but they’ve only lately become a viral hit. According to multiple sources, the bagels taste more or less like cake. That’s a no-brainer once you realize cotton candy flavor and funfetti cream cheese play a big role in bringing the full Rainbow Bagel experience to fruition.
The bagels cost $3.95 and they look worth every penny. Think about it: The social media capital alone is incalculable. We're talking a virtual rainbow of hearts and likes.

Brooklynites are losing their minds over this spectacular rainbow bagel.

Posted by INSIDER food on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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