The Parkland Students Want You To Register To Vote

Photo: Rich Schultz/AP Photo.
Ever since the mass school shooting that took 17 lives in Parkland, FL, students and the community have rallied demanding action from their elected officials.
That means the teenagers are organizing nationwide walkouts and marches, putting pressure on corporations, and keeping the conversation about gun control going on. It also means they're pushing people to use their voice at one of the places where they can have the most power: The polls.
In recent days, some of the March for Our Lives leaders have been encouraging people to register to vote either online or at voter registration drives in their area.
Emma González, the 18-year-old whose fiery speech went viral in the weekend after the shooting, tweeted: "Friday March 2nd, at Weston City Park Pavilion, there will be a Rally and a Voter Registration Drive at Weston City Park Pavillion #1. Mayor Gillium will be attending and showing his support. Get out there you guys !! The Best way to Make a Difference is to Vote."
Meanwhile, student leader David Hogg and survivor Aly Sheehy shared links to websites where you can get registered to vote in the state of Florida. Sheehy said: "If the politicians won’t listen to what we want, use your voice and take them out of power. I’m already registered, so join me in using this privilege we possess. #neveragain"
The 2018 midterm elections are setting up to be a showdown, where issues such as gun control, immigration, and healthcare could help mobilize hundred of thousands. And even if some of the teenagers who survived the shooting are still not 18 and therefore not able to cast a ballot yet, encouraging others to register to vote is one of the truly important parts of their activism.
By registering and voting, people can influence who is in power — and what type of policies they'll enact while in office. Whether you're from #ThrowThemOut in the aftermath of the shooting or not, you should go on and register to vote now. If you want to take a stance this fall, the most powerful thing you can do is to cast a ballot.

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