Celebrities Have Feelings About Armie Hammer's Weird Chest-Scraping Video

With just a few more days to go until Hollywood's biggest night of the year, celebrites are in a race against the clock to get red carpet-ready for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday. While everyone else books emergency appointments with their self-tanning gurus or buys sheet masks in bulk, Armie Hammer is getting... a chest massage?
Last night, the Call Me By Your Name actor posted a video of an unidentified person rolling a handheld orange tool across his chest. "Pain is beauty.... #freethenipple #fasciascraping," he wrote alongside the confusing clip. So, was he pulling a 40-Year-Old Virgin and waxing his chest before the big night? Nope. As his caption suggests, he was just having his fascia scraped.

Pain is beauty.... #freethenipple #fasciascraping

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First of all, what even is fascia? And why is Hammer scraping it? Fascia is your body's connective tissue that surrounds muscles and organs, which can sometimes tense up and lead to aches and pain. And while a method like foam-rolling can relieve muscle tension, a device like the definitely-not-FDA-approved Fascia Blaster — or whatever TF Hammer is using — can go a little deeper. But unlike foam-rolling, fascia scraping isn't relaxing at all. In fact, it can be pretty damn uncomfortable, with some users reporting major bruising.
We're not the only ones with some strong reactions to Hammer's Oscars prep: Plenty of other celebrities had something to say about it in the comments, too. "This looks painful AF," wrote Insecure star Jay Ellis. "But most importantly who is seeing your chest at the Oscars?" In true Hammer fashion, the CMBYN actor responded: "Depends how well I play my cards..."
And yet that's not even the best comment to Hammer's unorthodox routine — the real winner would be Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, who wrote, "This legit is turning me on." Andy, our thoughts exactly.

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