Every Theory About Those Grandpa Jack Photos On This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of NBC
By now, you've likely gone through all the stages of grief and have finally come to accept that Greatest TV Dad Ever, Jack Pearson, is really, truly gone. A faulty slowcooker may have ultimately slayed Milo Ventimiglia's beloved character, but at least fans can be comforted knowing that Jack will always live on in flashbacks. Except... what if that's not the only way we'll get to see Jack?
Intrigued? You should be. New behind-the-scenes photos from This Is Us suggest that we'll get to see Jack as he would look if he never went back in that house to save Kate's dog. These new photos, which you can see over on The Blast, show Jack with grey hair and a beard, standing next to Mandy Moore's Rebecca — in the present day timeline.
What the heck is going on here?!? There has to be a logical explanation for grandpa Jack's existence. Click through to read all the theories we have on why we're seeing a Jack who is much older than he was the day of his funeral.

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