4 Reasons To Give This Throwback Trend A Try In 2018

If Facebook existed in 1985, you'd probably see bright blue mascara pop up all over your feed. Now, the trend is staging a comeback — only in 2018, colored mascara comes in a rainbow of different options, like red, gold, and green. Even better, each one comes with its own hidden beauty perk.
Just like the color-correctors we all know and love, colored mascaras are a byproduct of basic color theory, with the ability to cancel out its opposite shade on the color wheel. For example, if your eyes are bloodshot from staring at your iPhone all night, reach for the green mascara. Concealer not doing it for your dark circles? Try the yellow. Or, if you just want to beef up an otherwise boring makeup look, grab the blue or red. Thanks to new launches from YSL, Urban Decay, Sinful Colors, and more, rainbow mascara is quickly becoming the raddest trend you have to try before it fades into the shadows of history all over again.
Click ahead to check out our favorite new colored mascaras.

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