Why Kate Middleton Didn't Wear Black To The BAFTAs

Photo: CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/Getty Images.
This awards season, the Time's Up initiative is using red carpets to make a statement about safety in the entertainment industry. We saw actors and actresses decked out in black clothes at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, along with Time's Up lapel pins. Attendees at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards were also encouraged to wear black to support the movement across the pond. But a very royal attendee, Kate Middleton, showed up wearing a hunter green gown by designer Jenny Packham, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Did the Duchess of Cambridge miss the memo? Not exactly — we're sure she was aware of the unofficial dress code. As a royal, however, Middleton's presence and clothing always makes a statement on behalf of Kensington Palace, unfairly or not. By wearing black, Middleton would have taken a political position for the royal family, and the royals fiercely avoid making such statements when they can. It's not necessarily that the royal family disagrees with Time's Up, they're just unable to discuss per royal protocol. THR calls Middleton's position a "lose-lose" situation; essentially, she's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.
Still, is that a black sash we spy around her waist? That sash isn't just a sash when it is worn by the future Queen of England, as every detail of her appearance is calculated down to the last curl in her hair. That sash is clearly a nod to Time's Up, even if she was unable to fully commit to the look. Vanity Fair lauds Middleton's fashion choice, writing that she "managed not to stand out against all of the other black gowns on the carpet, stayed within the royal protocol, and still made a statement for anyone looking for it." We agree — being an apolitical Duchess isn't easy, but Middleton's wink at fighting the power speaks loud and clear.

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