Tyga Finally Speaks Out About Kylie Jenner’s Baby & Everything's Fine

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Tyga spoke publicly for the first time about ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner's "new life" and her baby with boyfriend Travis Scott.
In an interview with Marie Claire, the rapper opened up about his relationship with Kylie Jenner, her life as a new mother, and whether they still speak. "You just get older, you get me? It was a relationship in front of the world, and that was it," said Tyga. "She has her new life, I have my new life and that’s it. There’s no bad blood, no problems." He said that they keep in touch though only here and there.
The world looked on as the two began their relationship in 2014 after first meeting when Tyga performed at Jenner's 14th birthday in 2011. 2014 marked the start of fans and the media speculating whether or not the pair were actually together. For a while, they denied it. Even ultimate momager Kris Jenner confirmed that her daughter wasn't dating anyone at the time in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. It wasn't until later in 2015, that they confirmed their relationship after months of "are they or aren't they?" talk. After endless rumors of them breaking up, getting back together, and being secretly married, they broke up in April of 2017. Jenner was seen with current boyfriend Travis Scott shortly after at Coachella, reinvigorating the already well-established rumor mill.
In a post-breakup interview with Marie Claire, Tyga alluded that Jenner's age and the constant scrutiny of the public eye contributed to the end of their relationship. "I think the main thing was a lot of people—a lot of outside influences—and...she’s younger than me and she’s dealing with perception," he told the outlet. "I’m older so I can deal with perception. But for her, growing up how she grew up, image and perception was everything.”
Jenner recently welcomed her first child with Scott earlier this month. Now, Tyga seems to have moved on with a fresh perspective. "I don’t feel no type of way," he says about Jenner's relationship with Scott. "Me and her had been broken up for like seven months. He’s not in the wrong."
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