Chrissy Teigen's Food Is So Good, She Eats It Off The Floor

Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images.
Between her funny tweets, candid cooking advice, and badass business hustle, we think pretty highly of Chrissy Teigen. The best-selling cookbook author is the rare celebrity who seems to be just like the rest of us. Case in point: In a series of tweets shared earlier this week, Teigen revealed that she ate food she cooked off of the floor. Honestly, the dishes looked so good, we're not even judging.
On Monday, the Lip Sync Battle host posted four photos to Twitter, and together, they told the heartbreaking story of how her "dinner for two" was almost ruined. The first three photos featured a succulent rack of lamb being grilled, slathered in garlic and rosemary, and cut into individual bright pink chops. The final photo depicted the dish's tragic downfall — literally. Written across the photo is the simple but sad phrase, "lol fuck."
If you thought Teigen was forced to fall back on her favorite late-night snack of Hot Pockets after the mishap, you'd be very much mistaken. Of course she didn't do that. Her food is way too fancy. Not 10 minutes later, she tweeted again to clarify what happened next. She wrote, "oh I ate it I don’t care."
Hilariously, this isn't the only instance of Teigen and her family dropping food on the floor this past week. On Wednesday, she tweeted about another dish that had fallen on the ground, and this time, it was her husband John Legend's fault. The tweet said, "g dammit" and the victim was a broken bowl of potato salad. In an extended version of this video that Teigen posted to Snapchat, Legend is shown scooping up the potato salad as the couple debates whether or not they can still eat it.
We assume that they went ahead and ate the potato salad anyway. We've made her recipe for Creamy Potato Salad With Bacon, which can be found in her 2016 cookbook Cravings, and we know how difficult it is to resist — even if it has spent some time on the floor.

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