Chrissy Teigen's Late-Night Snack Is Relatable & Requires No Actual Cooking

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Chrissy Teigen is the star of Vogue's most recent 73 Questions video, and in it, the cookbook author, mom, and model revealed several important food-related facts about herself. Seeing as Chrissy is someone who lives-out-loud on social media, we were actually quite surprised that we didn't already know all of her answers, especially since we actively follow every single one of her accounts. However, Teigen did share some new tidbits, and one in particular is super relatable.
Chrissy Teigen talked about the fact that she doesn't get as much sleep now that she's a new mom. She also told Vogue exactly what she craves on those particularly late nights: Hot Pockets. That's right, Teigen, who is a best-selling cookbook author, currently working on a second cookbook, and constantly posting photos and videos showing her impressive culinary creations, actually just wants to throw something in the microwave when she's hungry for a late night snack. We can relate in a big way. Maybe someone at Hot Pockets will see the clip and Teigen will end up doing a nostalgic collab to end all collabs.
Besides shedding light on her go-to midnight snack and which food trend she thinks is the most overrated — she said fro-yo — Teigen did allude to one thing we already knew about her. When asked, "what's the best kitchen hack that you know?" the Cravings author said, "Having your mom live with you. That helps." We talked to Chrissy Teigen back in April, and she told us that her mom cooks a whole Branzino for her every night, which definitely sounds like a food hack we'd like to get in on. But, for now, we'll just have to stick to popping a fourth meal Hot Pocket in the microwave as a late night snack instead.
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