Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweeted A Naked Dating Show, Which Is Apparently A Thing

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While John Legend was performing in London this weekend, Chrissy Teigen and Luna Legend enjoyed the finest TV shows the U.K. has to offer. Teigen apparently discovered Naked Attraction, a dating show that's exactly what it sounds like, while flipping through channels at their hotel room.
As BuzzFeed explains, Naked Attraction literally involves contestants looking at photos of genitals to decide who they want to date. (Yes, that sounds like a terrible idea for a litany of reasons.) Like most Americans, though, Teigen had never heard of the show and its concept, and she was shocked by what she was seeing. Naturally, she decided to keep watching and live-tweet the experience.
"Uh there is something called Naked Attraction on here in london and WHAT TF IS THIS it's dating based on genitals. Like I'm seeing pp's," Teigen tweeted.
And it sounds like she couldn't look away. "Oh my god they are just looking at genitalia. It's zooming in on penis and balls," she shared.
Teigen even imagined how she'd react if she were one of the show's contestants.
"I would die if I were the first person eliminated based strictly on genitals," she tweeted. She also criticized something one contestant said about his feet. (Sure, Josh.)
Things got awkward, though, when Teigen ordered room service while watching Naked Attraction. "Room service came and I had to pretend to be watching tennis," she tweeted.
Even through all the "pp's" on screen, though, it sounds like Teigen enjoyed watching the show in the end. "I'm never leaving the UK," she tweeted.
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