8 Black Women Who Make Being Single Look Lit

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For all the couples out there, February 15 is back to business as usual. After spending too much money on gifts and dates and then likely having the same kind of sex they normally have, the day after Valentine’s Day is like a splash of cold water to the face as couples continue on with the mundanity of everyday life. At least that’s how it feels. Yesterday, celebs and normal folks alike flooded my timelines with pictures of their gifts, meals, candles, and flowers — so… many… flowers — and today, I’m still seeing them because Instagram is no longer chronological. But the images already feel stale in the afterglow of cupid’s official holiday.
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a single lady. And the best part about it is that the other 364 days of the year are opportunities for me to love the shit out of just me. And there are a lot of other amazing Black women to look to for inspiration. It’s 2018, and we reject the idea that we aren’t complete humans or women until we’re permanently partnered up with someone else. In fact, the bachelorette life appears to be just as fun as it sounds, if these women are any example.
Following in the footsteps of the late Eartha Kitt, who laughed at the reporter who dared to even question whether or not she would compromise for a lover, and who eloquently explained the mother of all relationship theories — “I fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me.” — these are the Black women who make being single look extremely lit.
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Tracee Ellis Ross
At 45, actress and grown-ass woman Tracee Ellis Ross still has to field off questions about her status as a single women. But this part of her speech at Glamour’s 2018 Women of the Year Awards pretty much sums up what has to be the greatest clapback ever on the subject.

First she set up the scene: “And then someone tells me about their friend who adopted a child at 52 and how ‘it’s never too late for your life to have meaning,’ and my worth gets diminished as I am reminded that I have ‘failed’ on the marriage and carriage counts.” Ouch.

But then she runs her credentials: “Me! This bold, liberated, independent woman. I mean, I work out, eat well, I mostly show up to work on time, I’m a good friend, a solid daughter, a hard worker, my credit is good, I take out the garbage before it gets smelly, I recycle, and I won a Golden Globe! I’m killing it!” I have discovered no lies.

And then she asks the important question: “So, why? Why do I get snagged this way? As if all that I have done and who I am doesn’t matter.” Boom.
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Depending on who you ask, dating is either the best or worst part of being single. Playing the field without the cumbersome burden of locking down a permanent spouse makes the experience way more enjoyable. And Rihanna dates better than all of us. A heartthrob that is loved by just about everyone? Check. Athletes? Been there, done that. Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy? Casual. Billionaire? Let’s hope he can keep up with her schedule.
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Ironically, Trina is not the only veteran female rapper that has yet to marry. But where Lil Kim and Foxy Brown have had children and accepted domestic responsibilities as a result, Trina still shines as the baddest bitch. Her weave is still shiny, and she still has no problem dressing in head to toe glitter. She is basically the sexy, single auntie that I’ve always wanted and wanted to be.

I’ve already started laying a foundation for my niece to expect similar from me. I was preparing to travel internationally for Christmas last year. And the few years before that, I was too hungover from Christmas Eve celebrations to open gifts early in the morning. Baby steps.
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Janet Jackson
If divorce is the worst thing that can happen to a woman, I can’t tell from looking at Janet Jackson. She’s re-launched her world tour better than ever, with an infant. And when her divorce is settled, in addition to her existing assets, she’ll likely be a billionaire. She’s also still an icon in her own right and revolutionized box braids in the '90s. Goals.
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Keke Palmer
Growing up under the spotlight like Keke Palmer did can make anything involving your love life really hard. But Palmer has made a bold, unapologetic entrance into womanhood without a serious relationship defining it, and she’s still been open about her sexuality in the process. We seriously need more examples of this across the board.
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Naomi Campbell
Trust me, anyone who can do this to a runway doesn’t need a boo. I can only aspire to this level of iconicity.
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Yara Shahidi
At a fresh 18, Shahidi reminds those of us in our 30s that we only just started caring about the general timeline of our lives within the last five years or so. There was once a time when living life was good enough. And we can look to her to be reminded that there still is. Pressed for a boo? Why?

Unrelated: If Zoey from grown-ish (played by Shahidi) is reading this: Stop playing and date Luca! He's so dreamy.
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Sometimes the best part of being in love is coming out of it on the other side and making beautiful, angsty music about it. Thank you SZA.

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