Meet The Other Chris Harrisons From The Bachelors Around The Globe

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
On Tuesday night, the Bachelor Winter Games kicked off, marking the first ever international meeting of Bachelor Nation. From places like Japan and Australia and Finland, contestants gathered in, of all places, Vermont, to find love and lust and pretty much just ogle at the versions of themselves that have always existed all over the world. But perhaps nothing is more eery than learning the same is true for Chris Harrison.
The host appears in every single U.S. Bachelor spin-off, the only consistent face as men and women shuffle in and out year after year, someone who could very well be in every single shot but just blends into the wall each time. But just as some of the contestants didn't realize there were other thems across the globe, I only just learned that there were other Chris Harrisons.
"I'm sure you have some odd version of me in whatever country you're from," Harrison told the contestants as they gathered on the first night. Fuck me up! Of course there are — and now I have to find them.
This is easier said than done. While the many international franchises of The Bachelor stick to the same general premise, some of them go off-script. For instance, a handful of them either don't have hosts, or gave up on having a host after a couple of seasons and instead just use a voice-over. Some bring back old contestants to fill Harrison's shoes. But most do have someone they bring in and out of scenes to occasionally remind us that someone is actually in charge here, and it's wild.
Ahead are the hosts of each international Bachelor franchise, who should definitely be the cast for the next season of Bachelor In Paradise.
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