Cole Sprouse's New Movie Has A Couple That Could Rival Bughead

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Back up, Bughead, because Cole Sprouse is about to become one-half of another onscreen couple — and they sound very shippable.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sprouse has joined the cast of Five Feet Apart, an upcoming romantic drama that could be the next Fault In Our Stars or A Walk To Remember. (In that it will likely leave us in a puddle of our own tears, of course.)
The movie will star Sprouse as a hospital-ridden teen who falls in love while receiving treatment. The girl he falls for, however, is also sick — and, like Sprouse's character, may not get better.
Unlike the previously mentioned novel adaptations, Five Feet Apart isn't based on any existing source material. We'll likely spend the entire movie hoping that one of our two lovebirds don't meet some tragic fate — which, as anyone who has ever seen a movie like this knows, is likely a losing battle.
This will be Sprouse's first movie role since returning to acting. His last film was a TV movie spin-off of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, titled The Suite Life Movie, which aired on Disney Channel in 2011. It will also be his first time starring in a romance — and, hopefully, his work will bring a brand-new onscreen couple to root for into the cultural zeitgeist.
As for what's going on between the on-again, off-again couple that is Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Sprouse)? Well, that seems to change episode to episode. No matter how Five Feet Apart ends, at least we won't be on edge about a potential breakup between the characters: If it happens, at least it can only happen once.
The new film will pair Sprouse up with another CW star. Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni will helm the project. The Hollywood Reporter states the upcoming movie could begin shooting as early as the spring.

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