Have You Seen This Video Of Nicole Kidman Eating Worms & Crickets With Chopsticks?

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
In a video for Vanity Fair, Nicole Kidman casually revealed that she eats bugs like that's not extremely startling news. But it turns out, maybe I'm just behind the curve. According to the Big Little Lies actress, two billion people in the world eat bugs on the regular, but that won't stop me cringing as she pops crickets into her mouth like popcorn.
Like all things Kidman does, her bug-snacking is extremely elegant. Holding chopsticks and winking at the camera, she quips to the screen while sampling everything from mealworms to fried grasshoppers.
"I'm telling you, I'd win Survivor," she joked.
Apparently, Hornworms taste "extraordinary," mealworms taste "fruity," crickets taste like "a hairy nut," and fried grasshoppers are "amazing" and "exquisite.
Kidman isn't the only celebrity who has a sweet tooth (bug tooth?) and is proud of it. Riverdale actress Camila Mendes posted a video on Instagram of herself snacking on bugs while in Mexico.
"When in a cricket? and an ant? and a grasshopper, maybe?" she wrote.
While we might get squeamish at the thought of eating insects, in places like Mexico, Thailand, and Brazil, it's totally common. Plus, a 2015 study revealed that bugs are probably a better source of protein than regular meat.
Refinery29 staffers even tried bugs back in 2015, and were actually pretty pleased with the taste. The more I learn, the more the joke's on me for not giving these creepy crawlies a try earlier.
Does this video mean Kidman has brought bugs to the set of Big Little Lies? Have she and Reese Witherspoon chowed down on some caterpillars? Are bugs the secret behind her many, many awards? I'm still too scared to find out.
Watch the full video below!
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