If You Really Cared About Getting Enough Protein, You’d Be Eating Bugs

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Before you even ask, no, this is not some pre-Halloween prank. This is science. It's still a little gross, but that's how science is sometimes, and a new study from Oxford University is set on keeping it that way: Turns out, bugs are probably a better source of protein than regular meat. Related: Ask The Diet Doctor: Are Plants Or Meat Better Sources Of Iron? Researchers compared the protein content in 100 grams of insects and more conventional meats (chicken, beef, and pork), only to find that the bugs were richer in not only protein, but other nutrients, as well. The bugs tested included bees, crickets, mealworms, and caterpillars. We'll give you a moment to mourn the poor guys who never got to be butterflies. Related: 5 Nutrients Even Healthy People Forget About

Our friends at Shape were quick to point out that eating insects seems outlandish only to some people, specifically those living in the United States. In countries including Mexico, Thailand, and Brazil, it's commonplace to snack on chocolate-covered or deep-fried creepy crawlies. While that actually sounds kind of tasty to us (these treats are available to order online for those interested), if you're slightly less adventurous, you can try out small ingredient tweaks, like using cricket flour, as a way to incorporate insects into your eating routine more gradually. Click through to Shape for more useful, if unconventional, healthy eating tips. (Shape) Related: 5 Weird Signs You Could Have A Nutritional Deficiency

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