This Sam Rockwell Interview Went Off The Rails In The Weirdest Ways

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.
After admiring or admonishing the best and worst looks on our favorite celebrities, award show red carpets can get a bit monotonous very quickly. What keeps us interested are those moments when celebrities go off-script with their talking points, make outlandish statements, or do something that might be a little embarrassing. All three of those things happened when Giuliana Rancic attempted to interview actor Sam Rockwell on the SAG Award red carpet, and it was worth every minute.
Rockwell, who is nominated for two awards tonight in honor of his leading role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, was joined on the carpet by Leslie Bibb, his partner of 11 years. Let’s just say it was a good decision to bring her along. Almost immediately, Bibb offers "good sex” as one of the secret ingredients to their decade-long romance. And then Bibb turned the tables and began interviewing Rancic about the availability of alcohol and which celebrity made her nervous. Spoiler alert: it was George Clooney. This led the group on a completely different tangent about the Golden Globes and into a laughing fit. Off script: check.
As Rancic tried to get them back on track, all the while still laughing, Bibb accidentally touched her boob. A flub no one would have noticed if Bibb didn’t say “I also just touched your boob and I’m so sorry.” Do something embarrassing: check. Rancic was totally cool about it and said it was ok. But this was not the end of Bibb being the queen of tonight’s SAG red carpet.
Obviously, Bibb was there supporting her man and his nominations. He won a Golden Globe for his part in Three Billboards earlier this month and Bibb confirmed to Rancic that she freaked out when her bae won. She wants the same thing to happen tonight. In fact, she joked that she’s ready to “punch every actor in the face” if Rockwell doesn’t win tonight. Something outlandish: check.
I can’t imagine this was the interview Rancic was expecting. But if Rockwell is smart, he’ll make sure Bibb is right by his side on every promo tour. There is nothing wrong with awkward hilarity.

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